friends and fam…sorry I have been AWFUL this month at updating. i have a couple long weekends in feb and hope to do a longer post then. but for now…

tony is doing well! he’s bored, but grateful to be bored rather than in danger. time is moving along quickly for him, and for that i’m grateful. work is insane here. got an email a couple weeks ago stating i have the most patients out of all the providers in family health. should be capped at 1,250 but i currently have 1,340. nightmare. this summer we are losing nearly 50% of our providers, and not a peep about new providers coming in. so, to say things are busy and stressful is an understatement. thanks for your patience with the blog updates.

I did just finish being certified as a pediatric advanced life support (PALS) instructor. So, not i have that and ACLS under my belt, which I really enjoy.

HIS grace continues to prove to be sufficient. most days are alright. but there are some days when the morning prayer on my drive in is simply, “jesus, just get me to lunch, and we’ll talk again.” he never fails to answer.

valentine’s day is around the corner. i’m flying home for a quick trip to be with family for the weekend. can’t wait. i have a special date planned…just binz and xander.

will post more in the next couple of weeks.


folks, it was COLD this day. like 8 degrees. tomorrow it will be like 70. it's stupid.

folks, it was COLD this day. like 8 degrees. tomorrow it will be like 70. it’s stupid.


my handsome soldier

my handsome soldier