Well folks, it’s been one year today that I married this crazy guy that is half way around the world on our first anniversary. And, while last night was hard, today has been good. Here’s why…I married a man that is selfless, and that believes in something bigger than himself. He is passionate about what he does, and a man passionate about his calling and about God’s hand in his life is the most I could have dreamed for. I miss him dearly, but he makes me feel adored even from across the world, and for that I am grateful. It’s a challenging time, but I tell ya…we’re blessed.

Here’s our year by bullet points…most of it you’ll know about, some of it will only make him smile: wedding day. donut cushions. long flights with chills. sitz baths. honeymoon in dreamy sanibel. mucky duck. sanibel grill. lost luggage. longest drive ever to our new home. one week to settle. training. spiritual warfare. mono. seizure? sports authority. andrews afb. scared to death. PANCE studying. PANCE panic. PANCE passing. drill weekends. patient panel of 1250 pts. 90 patients per week. PT tests. annual traning. warfighter exercise. oldtown dates. subway dinners. annapolis adventure. redo honeymoon this time without illness. deployment orders. amazing church and small group. budgeting and eliminating debt. premobilization. hard sundays. amazing support. 3 day pass. more premob. harder sundays. admin duties. ACLS and PALS instructor training. ATLS certification. trips to the white house. roadtrips to bloomsburg. passing of the journal. thanksgiving 7 day pass. parents. food. ale 8. fires. bond 45 date to national harbor. hardest day ever. care packages. christmas packages. mail from friends. one month down. facetime dates.

the moral of the story, is that I’d rather have this cluster of a life with this guy, than ‘normal’ with anyone else. Thank you, Tony, for loving me well, for leading our family well, and for being passionate about things bigger than we are. Thanks for being a man of integrity and humility…it is most attractive. Love you much…can’t wait for you to be home.

dec 2011

dec 2011



parade mom dad


Graduated…0400 wake up calls and mono = not alot of fun




photo (8)

PT test training

photo (24)

Celebrating passing PANCE

photo (10)

May 2012


June date night before he left for Warfighter exercise



DSCN0099 DSCN0155

Aug repeat honeymoon to Sanibel

photo (1)

Sept 3 day pass




Oct break


Thanksgiving–date night for early anniversary celebration



Soldier in Kuwait just last week



Airman in MD.

Thanks for sharing in our journey 🙂